Daily Family & Friends Fit Walk


Family/Friends: Please Join us each morning!
We will be implementing a new activity this year before school in hopes of promoting exercise and as well as giving parents an opportunity to meet other Rock Creek families, chat with the Principal, and have a designated time to walk and talk with their child. Each morning will start with the following process. Parents are welcomed to attend and can stay through the Pledge of Allegiance. We hope you take advantage of this new community building activity.  We hope to see you there!
As in previous years, Supervision will be starting at 7:35 each morning however if you wish to walk with your child beforehand on the "path", please feel free.
7:35 - 7:45:  "Family &Friends Fit Walk": Students will walk with friends/family
7:45am:  Line-up bell: Students line-up with their classmates
7:48am:  Students say pledge, reinforce our 3 R's, Quote of the day
See Map for picture of where the path will be for the "Fit Walk" and the Line up. (Subject to change based on weather)
 While the "Family & Friends Fit Walk" is optional, it is extremely important that they attend school on time.
Please make sure that your son/daughter is in line at the start of the school day.