Rock Creek Elementary

Coding and Keyboarding

Coding and Keyboarding iconCoding and Keyboardingtitle

Learn where the keys are!
Use both hands!
We expect you to practice correct finger placement when using this program. Remember-slow is fast!

Addition iconAdditiontitle

Fill in the missing number
 colored marbles
Move the marbles to help you
find the answer
Click on the key and submit an answer
Seashell Search
Addition by Harcourt
Adding Bricks
Addition by Harcourt
This game is easy & excellent!
Alien Addition

Counting iconCountingtitle

Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots by 2

Tens and Ones Game

Counting blocks w/ictgames

Count 11 to 20
w/sound by Mrs. Chong

Count 11 to 30

with Harcourt
Use blocks or cups
Number Line Game

100 Number Hunt

100 square

Snakes and Ladders
with George
mend the number square
Mend the Number

100 square
Bonds of 10
Puzzles, Patterns & Shapes

Puzzles, Patterns & Shapes iconPuzzles, Patterns & Shapestitle

This game is awesome!
cartoon bear
Seedball Game

Build a path to the truck!

cartoon flowers in pots
Flower Frenzy

Find the Pattern

cartoon animal with speech bubble

Tumbletown Bound Game

Help Tumbleweed!

Map Routes
Following Directions

Triangle Alley Game
Try to fit the objects in a container

Pattern Blocks

Color Sequence
Scroll down to Color Sequence
Lots of other great games, too!



Fill in the white pieces

Loading Shapes
by Harcourt

Guess the Solid Shape
Lots of puzzles to choose from!
More Games
 Lots of puzzles to choose from!

Lots of Addition, Subtraction,
Multiplication & Division Games
Try any of these learning games!

Lots of Flash Card Facts Games 
Lots of Counting and Pattern Games
Try any of these learning games!
Reading & Writing

Reading & Writing iconReading & Writingtitle

BrainPop Jr.
We can sign in for a year!
Garfield the cat dressed as a professor 
Professor Garfield
Learn to Read
Alphabet Soup
 It's fun to read cartoon animals, text reads "Little fingers software" 
Clifford interactive storybooks
Games w/sound by Scholastic
Enchanted Learning
Picture Dictionary

Use this to look up word meanings!
  Houghton mifflin harcourt education place
Eduplace eWord Game
 The magic key
The Describing Game
cartoon children, text reads "online storytime"
Barnes & Noble Storytime

cartoon dog chewing on hat with lightbulbs coming out of it
Between the Lions Games

PBS Stories and Games

Read along

i can read!
I Can Read

w/ sound by Scholastic 
Sadlier-Oxford, 1-800-221-5175
High-Frequency Words
  Game Goo
All Games
tumblebook library
Talking Tumble Books
from Placer Library
Reads animated books to you!
we give books, a Pearson foundation initiative

Storyline Online

Full of animated stories read by interesting people! k 1 2 3 4 5
Lots of learning games
word wizard
Word Wizard
w/sound by RWT
chose your game: beginning-letter sounds, short-vowel sounds, long-vowel sounds.
Picture Match Games
w/ sound by RWT
Cartoon character wearing construction hat alongside words "bet, get, jet, let, met, net, pet, set, vet, wet, yet."
Construct A Word
w/sound by RWT
cartoon Anthony face
  Arthur Comic Creator
Traveling pronouns
Bite Size Literacy Games

cartoon man seated with book
I'm Reading
cartoon man seated with book
Alphabet Truck Game
cartoon fruit
Fruit Labeling
by Crickweb
Find fruit labeling when in
Place the letters in order
Learning Planet

Put words in Alphabetical Order
by Crickweb
When in, choose
Alphabetical Order 1
Beginning Sounds
Learning Games from Game Goo
Find it when in
Game Goo
Following Directions w/ Tina
w/sound from Game Goo

Put the Alphabet Bears in Order
Learning Games from Game Goo
Find it when in
cartoon buildings and fish
Reggie Loves to Rhyme
w/ sound by Scholastic
Nina loves to name things!
Nina's Sorting & Labeling
w/ sound by Scholastic
Upper & Lower Case
Recognition by Game Goo
 cartoon man smiling
Choose and Write
the big ? rat

Spelling Bee


cartoon fish with sunglasses
Dunk a Fish

welcome to the comic creator by read write think 

Main Idea

Make Inferences

Compare and Contrast
paper bag
What's in the Bag?
Use 3 clues to guess

Note Details -Choose the Clues

Sequence the Story
Harcott Publishing
Draw Conclusions

Facts & Opinions

Story Scramble

Pumpkin Patch 

I Spy Wizard's Lab
w/ sound by Scholastic
Just like PowerPoint images, flip, scale (resize), group, arrange, and discard images.
Write about the robot you have created and learn how to save your robot onto your computer.
Learn about nutrition in the kitchen! 
Other Activities

Other Activities iconOther Activitiestitle

Crayola Digi-Color
Musical Match'em

Early Years Activities

*Rock Creek takes no creative credit for any of the learning links of games and activities contained on this page.

Grade 1 Academic Standards