Rock Creek Elementary

1 - Reading for Kinders

1 - Reading for Kinders icon1 - Reading for Kinderstitle

  A B C D alphabet blocks
Starfall ABCs

Clifford interactive storybooks
Clifford's Beginning Sounds
w/ sound by Scholastic 
BrainPop Jr. 
 It's fun to read
cartoon child reading book to cat and dog 

Storyline Online
Full of animated stories read by interesting people! New!!
 Clifford interactive storybooks
Clifford's Make A Word
w/ sound by Scholastic
Beginning Sounds
Learning Games from Game Goo
 word wizard
Word Wizard
w/sound by RWT

Talking Tumble Books
from Placer Library
Reads animated books to you!
Click on Research then Tumble
Put the Alphabet Bears in Order
Learning Games from Game Goo
cartoon animals, text reads "Little fingers software"

cartoon child holding book  I'm Reading 

 I Can Read
w/ sound by Scholastic
Put words in Alphabetical Order
by Crickweb
 Magnifying glass showing I Spy
I Spy Wizard's Lab
w/ sound by Scholastic

 The magic key

Choose what's described
paper bag
What's in the Bag?
Use 3 clues to guess 
  Game Goo
Following Directions w/ Tina
w/sound from Game Goo 
  Nina loves to name things!
Nina's Sorting & Labeling
w/ sound by Scholastic
cartoon buildings and fish
Reggie Loves to Rhyme
w/ sound by Scholastic
Upper & Lower Case
Recognition by Game Goo 
 Alphabet Tracing Paper
Alphabet Worksheets
TLS Books

Picture Match Games
w/ sound by RWT

Barnes & Noble Storytime

Construct A Word
w/sound by RWT  
2 - Math for Kinders

2 - Math for Kinders icon2 - Math for Kinderstitle

10 blue balls, buttons labeled 10, 20, 2 and Start

Tens and Ones Game

Counting blocks w/ictgames
Cartoon animals
1 to 20
Connect the Dots
by ABC Ya!
game screen with basic shapes arranged outside viewing area
Pattern Blocks
by ABC Ya! 
animated cartoon man building brick wall
Adding Bricks
Addition by Harcourt
animated cartoon man throwing large coins into the air
Counting Coins & Build a Robot
by Harcourt
Balloon Pop
seashell icon
Seashell Search
Addition by Harcourt 
cartoon child building sand castle
A Day at the Beach
Subtraction by Harcourt
jar of fireflies
Fire Flies
Subtraction by Harcourt

Using Subtraction - Awesome!
Subtraction by Harcourt
animated bee carrying bucket of honey
Busy Bees
Subtraction by Harcourt 

by Harcourt 

simple shapes
Loading Shapes
by Harcourt
tanagram puzzles
by ABC Ya!
 animated calculator showing 1+1=2
Calculator Practice
by Harcourt
Telling Time
by Harcourt

Math Lingo
with Houghton Mifflin 

 cartoon pond with birds, frogs, and fish

Counting Objects

cars, books, and a stuffed animal
Sorting Toys Game
 Math advantage, k 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
3 - Science for Kinders

3 - Science for Kinders icon3 - Science for Kinderstitle

Life Cycle of a Frog
with sound by Harcourt 


*Rock Creek takes no creative credit for any of the learning links of games and activities contained on this page.

Kindergarten Academic Standards