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Click Ctrl + F when you are looking for specific information on a large webpage. A FIND search window will then open at the top left of the screen. Type a keyword (such as history) into the FIND search window so that the keyword you are looking for will be highlighted and brought to your attention. Give it a try!!!



Some students think they need to fill out their fact sheet or questionnaire in the order of the questions. Well, you don't. :)
1)Look through your questionnaire, first, so that you KNOW which facts you need to write down.
2)Search for a credible site using your favorite search engine -or- check out the awesome sites below.
3)What specifically are you looking for on this webpage? Ctl + F is a useful tool that highlights the search word throughout the webpage that you are on so that you can zone in on the information you are looking for.
4)READ! Does what you are reading make sense to you?
5)The second you find your answer, write it down onto the correct section of your questionnaire sheet. Soon your sheet will be filled with lots of facts!

CIA World Fact Book is a terrific site! Be sure to choose your country, scroll down, and then click on the plus signs for more information.

Fact Monster Countries is user-friendly!  There are quick facts in the left-hand column.

World Atlas contains symbols as well! Scroll down to see a list of countries. Choose yours. Now choose a topic on the yellow ribbon.
Nation Master  is a "massive central data source" that wants to be your one-stop shop of information on countries. There are oodles of links to hover over for more information.
Country Studies links come in an organized outline form. After clicking on a link, be sure to use your browser's back button to get back to the outline page.
Nations Online  has quick facts located on the right-hand column. Click on the letter of your country, click on your country, and then scroll down a bit.
    In the MIDDLE SCHOOL search window, type the name of your country (plus) economy, geography, or climate, etc. (U: rocklin P: library)

Google (Search Engine)     In the Google Search window, type the name of your country (plus climate geography economy largest city, for example) so that Google will be most apt to give you links to sites that contain the type of information you are looking for. Before you click on any link from your search results, read the description to see if it will contain the information you are looking for.


Just Maps:
World Map in PDF (see terrain)
Maps to Print:  
Continents   World
Continents & Oceans  
Owl & Mouse Intricate Maps 


For your search, type:
(Name) History Christmas Tradition

Need date/year, country founded, tradition and other important info 
Many American traditions come from all around the world! 



Listen to his speech while you go through images of his life!

Speech (16:27 min. see right-side):
"I Have A Dream" Speech
Seattle Times Photos   
(choose Part I, II, III)


Grade 4

Information Link:
About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Quiz

Crossword (to print)

Grade 2
MLK Slideshow
Mari has quiz

Enchanted Learning
Mari has hard copy


Grade 3

Information Links:

Enchanted Learning

About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Quiz/Questionnaire: Mari has it

Grade 5

Information Links:

About Martin Luther King, Jr.


Online Quiz/Questionnaire:  
Scholastic Quiz

Grade 6


Metropolitan Museum of Art
Mount Rushmore & President's Trail

4th Grade:   Lake Tahoe   San Diego

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