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Rock Creek Morning Greeter Service

Help with the morning traffic congestion is here!

Help with the morning traffic congestion is here!

student wearing school safety patrol vest

If you would like to volunteer and help supervise our greeter locations,
please sign up in the main office

Dear Students and Parents,

Rock Creek Elementary School has implemented a new Student Valet/Morning Greeter Program and we need your help. We are aware of the challenges of student safety faced each morning during drop off times and we believe we have a solution! This program is designed so that you will not need to park or exit your car to drop off your child(ren). This program is successful at Sierra, Twin Oaks and Parker Whitney Schools.

There will be designated areas for families to drop off their child(ren); these will be called the valet drop off areas. The first is in front of the Administration Building, the second on the back parking lot and the third in the kindergarten loop. The Valets/Morning Greeters will be stationed at the far end of these locations. The driver will pull into the valet drop off area and the Valets will flag the drivers toward them. When the first driver reaches the farthest Valet, the Valet will signal the driver to stop. The trailing drivers will be signaled to stop directly behind each other. At no time will the Valets step into a traffic lane. The Valets are required to stand up on the curb. Parents must form a single line for the drop off area, no double parking.

When the driver has made a complete stop and put the vehicle into park, the Valet will open the passenger door, greet the family with a "Good Morning" and help the child(ren) and their backpacks out of the vehicle. The valet will then tell the driver "Have a Nice Day" and close the vehicle door. The vehicles (in a line) will pull forward and out of the valet area. This fluid motion will encourage drivers to not back up and try to maneuver around each other. Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe.
Thank you,
The Staff of Rock Creek
Parents! You can help . . .

Parents! You can help . . .

Our morning greeters are doing an outstanding job! Here's a few things to remember so that the drop off process goes smoother and quicker:
  • Have backpacks zipped up and ready to go.
  • Your child should be finished with all breakfast foods before you pull into the drop-off lane.
  • Students should be seated on the passenger side of the car to exit on the curb side - Please do not let your child exit in the middle of the street!
  • If possible, place backpacks in the front passenger seat or floor; this way the Valets can quickly remove them while the children can pay attention to safely exiting the car. Please do not place the backpacks in the trunk; doing so puts the Valets and your child in possible danger as they stand behind your car and in front of the next car moving into position to unload its passengers.
  • Pull forward as far as possible, staying in a single line to the right.
students seated outdoors on tiered steps. Waving at camera.

Greeters sharing a Popsicle moment.