Here at Rock Creek Elementary School, we believe in an open door policy in an attempt to make your child's education a positive experience. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about our school.

School Office Hours 7:15am - 3:45pm Monday - Friday
Phone:   (916) 788-4282
Address: 2140 Collet Quarry Drive, Rocklin, CA 95765 (See Map at bottom of page)
To email a staff member or view a class website, please visit our directory
Office Staff

Office Stafftitle

Principal:  Mark Williams
Secretary:  Michele Lewis
Clerk:  Lisa Panganiban

Transitional Kindergarten Teachers

Transitional Kindergarten Teacherstitle

Allison Moores
Patty Knorzer

Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten Teacherstitle

Holly Snyder
Heather Campus
Theresa Hellen
Grade 1 Teachers

Grade 1 Teacherstitle

Holly Cable
Nicole Mazzone
Jena Sprinkle

Kate Stinchfield

Grade 2 Teachers

Grade 2 Teacherstitle

Kameron Breckenridge
Heather McCoy
Krista Radmilovic
Grade 3 Teachers

Grade 3 Teacherstitle

Gayle Goldsmith
Mary Beth Miller Haley Moore

Grade 4 Teachers

Grade 4 Teacherstitle

Wendy Grider
Lori Kircher
Leah Neff

Grade 5 Teachers

Grade 5 Teacherstitle

Caitlin Damiano
Casey Schwenning
Kyle Wallin

Grade 6 Teachers

Grade 6 Teacherstitle

Olivia Artiaga
Michelle Hutton
Chaunte Martin

EL & Special Ed Services

EL & Special Ed Servicestitle

Robin Amrine - ELD Teacher
Lori Wurth -
RSP Teacher Madison Allen - RSP Teacher
Sylvia Marsden - TASEL Teacher
Andrea O'Donnell - Speech Pathologist
Amanda Marini - Speech Pathologist
Jonathan Titley - Psychologist
Danielle Covell - Occupational Therapist
Ashley Ferreira - Occupational Therapist
Rebecca Duke - Preschool Teacher
Kristin Green - Preschool Teacher
Amy Bianchini - Preschool Teacher
Mary Fales - Preschool Speech Pathologist

Specialty Staff

Specialty Stafftitle

Music: Amy Adam
PE: Lorali Hawkins
VAPA:  Amy Stockton
Nurse: Caitlyn McMichael
Health Aide: Melissa Morales
Custodian: Jose Macias
Librarian:Susan Silva
Cafeteria: Carmen Colhour/Nadine Coldwell
Computer Tech: Emily Buck

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