Kinder Nurture - Kinder Power!!!


Click the Bubble
Pop the bubbles!
Easy for the newest users.

Click the Square
Listen to the sounds you've created by clicking on the squares . . . Teach refresh to start all over again!

Make a Pizza

 Make A Snowman
Make a Snowman

Make a Pumpkin

Make a Christmas Tree

Bees and Honey

Teach hover & drag!

Paint & Make
Choose a background, drag creatures to your background, and enjoy painting your scene!

Polygon Playground
Drag and drop practice

Make a Robot

Sand Art
Students love Sand Art!



Connect the Dots
Click alphabets in order

Uppercase & Lowercase

Great mouse practice!
Which alphabet comes next?


Keyboard Zoo

Type Rocket

Type your name
Use the shift key

Christmas Tree Fun


Talking Tumble Books
from Placer Library
Reads animated
books to you!
Click on Research/Homewk
then Tumble Books 


The best free, online program for new readers!!!

Reggie Loves to Rhyme
w/ sound by Scholastic

Clifford's Beginning Sounds
w/ sound by Scholastic

Spelling Practice
Drag letters to spell
sight words

Bingo Sight Words
Listen to the word
and choose the correct card

Lily the Wild Cat

Construct A Word
w/sound by RWT 



Caterpillar Count
Count 1-15
But stay clear of other objects!

Choose pennies!
Place in Numerical Order
1-10, 11-20, 21-30

Base Ten Bingo
Count the squares
and choose the correct number!

One Hundred Number Chart
Click 1-Beginner
Move the correct number into the 100 number chart.

Pattern Blocks

Teach scroll bars &
scroll dials

Moon Rock Pattern
See if you can figure
out the pattern
Use Click & Drag

Shape Construction
Drag the correct shapes 

Less Than, Greater Than,
Equal To

Subtract Balloons
Great program!
Pop balloons using mouse

Marble Math
Marvelous! Move marbles into the tank and then choose your answer.



Thank you, ABC Ya!
We are using lots of this site's learning programs simply because they have wonderful, free, online programs for our kinders!
Choose this site for lots of fun learning games!

BrainPop Jr.
Choose free programs 

VISION (2014-15 School Year)

Gently ease kindergarteners into the world of technology by making it fun and interesting for them while in a controlled and calm environment. Kinders will have lots of mouse practice while learning about the computer and the internet. Kinders will learn where the keys are on the keyboard while using online alphabetical programs. Kinders will continue to build their technology skills while using online counting, mathematical, science, and reading programs. Finally, kinders will practice logging into Renaissance by themselves. 

Prompt, response, repetition and continuous practice is key!

  • Learn how to open the internet by clicking on the desktop's e icon once + ENTER key -OR- by clicking on the Window key + I key.
  • Learn what a window is and how to open, maximize, and close out of a window.
  • Using a mouse and monitor, click on the buttons, icons or text where the cursor turns into a hand.
  • Learn how to lift the mouse when you run out of counter space.
  • Using the mouse, learn how to hover, how to click, drag and drop, double-click and how to right-click.
  • To move up and down the webpage, learn how to use the mouse and scroll bars on the window, the scroll dial on the mouse, or the Page Up and Page Down keys on the keyboard.
  • Use the End Key to quickly scroll down to the bottom of a webpage and the Home Key to quickly go back up to the top of a webpage.
  • Learn how to refresh a program (F5) if you'd like to start all over again using the F5 key or the refresh icon in the web address window.
  • Learn what (internet window) tabs are and how to open several tabs to conveniently view different sites, as well as closing all tabs.
  • Learn what the compatibility icon does.
  • Unlock a locked computer using the keyboard.
  • Log onto RLI all by yourself!
We will have all year to practice our mousing and keyboarding skills using all of the programs on this web page as we enjoy learning how to navigate our way through the internet! GO TO KINDERGARTEN STUDENT LINKS AFTER COMPLETING THIS WEBPAGE!

Hour of Code (2015-16 School Year)

December is Computer Science Education Month and our kinders will be participating in an Hour of Code during the week of December 7th thru to December 13th. For more information, please visit
*Rock Creek takes no creative credit for any of the learning links of games and activities contained on this page.

Kindergarten Academic Standards