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Be a classroom Art Docent or Science Docent: Contact your child's teacher
  • Very little training needed.
  • All materials and training provided by Head Docents
  • Don't need experience in Art or Science to volunteer!
Become a member of PTC: Membership drive will be in August
We Are.......ROCK CREEK!!!

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Mission Statement: Our Aspiration: The mission of Rock Creek Elementary School, an innovative and collaborative community of learners, is to empower students to succeed, grow, lead, and learn by nurturing:

  • academic and social-emotional growth
  •  productive and compassionate citizens
  •  mindful and critical thinkers
  •  family and community partnerships
Strategic Plan: Through the work of all staff members in the 2016-2017 school year, Rock Creek put together a 3 year Strategic Plan that will guide our work for the upcoming years. Click here to view.
The 7 Habits: What we instill in our students. Click Here for more 
  1)  Be Proactive, 2)  Begin w/the End in Mind, 3)  Put First Things First, 
 4)  Think Win-Win, 5)  Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood, 
 6)  Synergize , 7)  Sharpen the Saw


Succeed, Grow, Lead, Learn

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Lessons for Students

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At Rock Creek, we take the safety and well being of our students very seriously and continue to implement programs, curriculum and philosophies that assist students in their day to day interactions with others.
This year we have implemented "In Focus" Mindfulness curriculum in which teachers take 10 min every day to teach students mindfulness. The curriculum used is research based and used as a guide to the teachers as they work with their students on their daily lessons.
In addition, we have implemented a Conflict Resolution program that focuses on teaching all students (TK-6) a unified approach to interacting with students in the classroom, cafeteria and on the playground. To review this approach of "Enough, Walk & Talk", please visit the links below for the 2 lessons that we taught to students. 
Thank you in advance for your reinforcement at home regarding the proper way to handle situations that arise with other students. As you know, not everyone is always going to be agree with each other yet it is our responsibility to teach students the proper way to have discourse.

Conflict Resolution Lesson 1

Conflict Resolution Lesson 2