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Parent Resources

Keep Our Kids Safe! (An Important Reminder)

Keep Our Kids Safe! (An Important Reminder)

Signing in at the office and wearing a temporary badge helps us to quickly identify STRANGERS who do not belong on our campus. Please help to keep our children safe! We appreciate your help!
Understanding Rock Creek Curriculum

Understanding Rock Creek Curriculum

To Learn more about district adopted curriculum, click on the links below:
  • TK-6 Social Studies Curriculum (Studies Weekly & McGraw Hill), please click here
  • K-5 Math program (Bridges), click here
  • TK- 5 Language Arts program (Benchmark), click here
  • 6th Language Arts program (Springboard), click here
  • 6th Math program (CPM), click here
Handy Sites For Parents

Handy Sites For Parents

Brightstorm Videos
Brush up on Math, English Grammar & Writing, and Science!

City of Rocklin
Stay informed on what's happening in our wonderful city called Rocklin.
Khan Academy 
Learn almost anything for free!
Placer Herald
Our local newspaper lets us know what's been happening in Rocklin.
Educational Excellence

Rocklin Educational Excellence Foundation 
It's mission is to provide Rocklin District schools with financial and community resources to enhance and promote educational excellence.
Find out what the weather will be in Rocklin so students can dress accordingly. More than just a weather site, you can also click on health issue tabs such as Allergies, Aches & Pains, Respiratory, and Cardiac Health - all of which can be affected by the weather conditions for that day. Check it out!!

signup genius
Signup Genius
Signup Genius is a FREE and priceless signup site that any organization can use! Please remember that it's a free site, so it's a good idea to back up your signups.